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Our services

On this page, some of the services we can offer you to make your stay in this paradise pleasant, fun and healthy.

In order to give you the best experience, please contact us in advance to agree on the times and your needs. 


In the staff of our structure we have one  Yoga teacher with many years of teaching experience, that you  will support in this ancient practice. Meditation and physical exercise done outdoors, immersed in beautiful scenery, will give you benefits for the body and soul.

Group and single lessons.



North of Playa de Las Canteras, you will find one of the most famous surf spots:

The Cicer

hundreds of surfers from all over Europe and various corners of the world, find waves with various levels of difficulty and you can learn to ride "las olas", the waves, with our instructor with international license.



A few steps from your apartment, you can dive into the crystal clear and calm waters of the Ocean and discover a fantastic world  full of beautiful fish that you can almost touch. We have the equipment to make you live this wonderful experience even if you have never done it before. The beach below the house, protected by the "bar", becomes a safe aquarium for shallow and calm waters.


Beach Tennis

For fans of Beach Tennis or Beach Volleyball, Las Canteras is the right place. Dozens of leaders at your disposal and instructors for those who want to start. Courses, tournaments or simple challenges between friends, on the golden Tropical beach.


Canoe and Kayak

When low tide creates the best conditions to try a series of activities in safety, on the beach in front of your apartment, you can rent completely transparent kayaks and canoes for a pleasant "walk" on the low and calm waters of the bay and admire the seabed and the creatures that inhabit it.



The Macaronesia archipelago, the Canary Islands, offers experienced enthusiasts and beginners, a large amount of shore and boat diving sites, which you will not forget. Cathedrals of volcanic rocks create an evocative underwater scenery, rich in an infinite number of species. Groupers, white breams, triggerfish and St. Peter's, huge rays, colored moray eels, barracudas and many other fish and more ... ideal scenarios for underwater photography or simply, a relaxing excursion.

They collaborate with us, Diving Centers of great professionalism and experience

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